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Every day, lifescience companies are developing new treatments to cure diseases, ease the pain of those suffering, and allow more people to live longer, happier, and higher quality lives.

In today’s complex healthcare market, there are many hurdles that these companies must overcome. One of the greatest of these is securing reimbursement. Without it, medical device and biopharmaceutical companies face an uphill battle in getting their products to market, including obtaining funding to realize their dreams.

At JD LYMON, we understand this reality. As a trusted advisor to medical device and biopharmaceutical companies, we listen to your ideas and develop innovative strategies to effectively and efficiently navigate companies through the complex and ever-shifting healthcare landscape. There’s a lot of pressure on life science companies to secure reimbursement for their medical innovations. We thrive on it. Combining experts in policy, health economics, trial design, and coding and payment applications, we deliver custom solutions based on the unique needs of our clients through a comprehensive combination of experience and expertise.

A winning combination:

we bring together seasoned experts with proven success in policy, health economics, trial design, coding and payment applications.

JD LYMON knows every nook and cranny of this business. We understand how to look around the corners. We anticipate where change is coming and prepare our clients accordingly. And because of this, we have quietly, but quickly built a sterling reputation for quality, and our ability to get results. The secret ingredient:

We care about our clients. We want to be on the same winning team – we want to see our clients succeed.

At the center of everything we do is collaboration. JD LYMON works closely with its clients to truly understand their business and the demands placed on those businesses by investors, regulators, the medical community and ultimately, the patients. With a roll-up-the sleeves attitude, we provide straightforward, nuts and bolts strategies designed to meet the real-life demands of this industry. We’ve built a trustworthy reputation by telling our clients the way it is, and striking a strategic pathway with street-smart instincts that help companies overcome the hurdles they face and accelerates their growth.